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Hoi An - the most beautiful ancient city in Asia

Hoi An Ancient Town, an impressive destination on the central tourist map. An ancient city with peaceful space, nestled by the romantic Hoai River. Let's explore with Egg Ventures to see what's so special in this beautiful old city!

1. Introduction to Hoi An

Hoi An, an ancient city located in the North of Thu Bon River downstream, 30km from Da Nang city. What sets Hoi An ancient town apart from other towns in Vietnam is that it still retains its historic architecture and culture, which can be seen in the old houses, pagodas and temples.

In Hoi An, you will find that the city walls are an integral part of its architectural heritage; These walls were built over time to protect the city from invaders. The flourishing period of Hoi An began in the sixteenth century and lasted until the nineteenth century. Visitors can recognize many vestiges of a golden age left in temples, traditional craft villages or ancient houses.

In 2019, Hoi An is honored to take the first place in the list of "The Most Charming Cities in the World" voted by the famous Travel + Leisure magazine.

2. When you should travel to Hoi An

According to Hoi An travel experience, coming to Hoi An in any season is beautiful. However, the most ideal time to go to the old town is from February to April. Specifically, Hoi An weather at each time is as follows:

  • Dry season (February - August):

February to the end of April: This is the most ideal time for a trip to Hoi An. Because the weather in early spring is cool, the sun is also mild and there is little rain.

May to August: Hoi An weather is always sunny every day and there is no rain. However, some days are quite hot, making you a little uncomfortable.

  • Rainy season (September to the end of January): This time often has prolonged rains. You need to monitor the weather as well as consider carefully when planning to come to Hoi An.

3. Architecture in Hoi An

Hoi An ancient town is still almost intact with more than 1000 ancient architectures from streets, houses, communal houses, pagodas, temples, ancient wells,... to traditional dishes. The beauty of the old town and the benevolent character of the people here are always handed down.

The most common type of housing in Hoi An ancient town are the one or two-story houses with very long depth. The main materials used to build houses here have high strength and durability due to the harsh climate and annual floods in this area. In fact, the house in Hoi An ancient town consists of many folds arranged in depth and constitutes an architectural space consisting of 3 parts: trading space, living space and worship space. This division is suitable for narrow premises and combines many functions of the house. It can be seen that this is an architectural product of regional culture.

Hoi An - the most beautiful ancient city in Asia
Source: Internet

4. The temples in Hoi An

Hoi An is also a city famous for its ancient temples and spiritual tourism. Here are some famous sacred temples in Hoi An.

Hoi An Bridge Pagoda

Hoi An Bridge Pagoda is also known by other names such as Japanese Bridge or Lai Vien Kieu. Covered Bridge is hundreds of years old in the old town. This is also the place printed on the 20,000 VND bill. Visiting the Covered Bridge, you will be delighted to know the history of its formation as well as the ancient beauty of the Covered Bridge.

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda

Not too far from the Covered Bridge, Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An with its three-way gate has an impressive architecture, which is checked-in by many tourists. Around the temple is a poetic natural scenery, captivating people's hearts. Especially in front of the temple gate, there is a large lotus pond, clear water is also a very beautiful "virtual living" spot for you.

Fukian Assembly Hall

The Fukian Assembly Hall was built in the 17th century. This is one of the places for cultural and spiritual activities associated with the lives of the people here. This place is visited by many young people to admire and explore the exquisite architecture of the ancient Fujian people.

Hoi An - the most beautiful ancient city in Asia
Source: Internet

5. Enjoy Hoi An specialties

Hoi An is not only famous for its ancient architecture, fresh air and peaceful life, but also famous for specialties that any visitor to Hoi An does not want to miss.

Hoi An Cao Lau

Cao Lau is one of the famous specialties of Hoi An. Cao Lau yarn is processed extremely elaborately. Rice for making Cao Lau must be carefully selected and soaked in ash water taken from Cu Lao Cham. Water for kneading dough is taken from Ba Le well - the ancient well of Hoi An ancient town. This is a dish that fully converges the quintessence of heaven and earth of Hoi An. Cao Lau fiber is soaked in rich sauce, eaten with char siu meat, raw vegetables, topped with fat, etc., it is indeed a great product. On cold days, the flavor of Cao Lau seems to be much more delicious. Traveling to Hoi An without enjoying the specialty of Cao Lau is indeed a big omission.

Hoi An Chicken Rice

This is also a specialty that you should enjoy when coming to Hoi An. Plates of chicken rice with soft, fragrant rice and shredded chicken mixed with flavorful onions.

Hoi An - the most beautiful ancient city in Asia
Source: Internet

White Rose

Hoi An white rose is loved by many tourists. This is a dish that can be said to be extremely frugal with a crust made from rice flour that has been filtered many times. The filling consists of shrimp, meat and mushrooms, served with sweet and sour fish sauce, bringing an irresistible delicious taste.

Hoi An is a favorite destination of many tourists, when planning Hoi An travel, do not forget to bring a "genuine" photographer to save memorable moments in Hoi An ancient town.

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