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Top 10 Best Hotels in Hong Kong

Top 10 Best Hotels in Hong Kong

Source: Wix

There are many hotels in Hong Kong to choose from. It’s quite unusual that you can find a hotel that isn’t luxurious and expensive. However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a visit.

I’ve tried many hotels on my recent trip to Hong Kong, and the top 10 are:

#1: The Peninsula Hong Kong.

#2: Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Centre.

#3: Park Hyatt Hong Kong (Pinewood).

#4: Peninsula Hotel (The Park) and Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Tower One).

#5: The Peninsula Harbour Tower.

#6: Shangri-La Hotel (Theatre Square).

#7: Marriott International Hotel (Mamaritai Tower), Shangri-La Hotel (Hongkong Tower), The Peninsula Grand Harbour Tower, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, The Peninsula Harbour Tower and The Peninsula Tung Chung Plaza Tower. I would recommend you to check out these hotels when you go on your next trip to Hong Kong during Lunar New Year or Spring Festival Time. Those hotels will surely give you some great memories of the time spent in Hong Kong City!

2. Top 10 Hotel List (Hotel Name, Location, Price, Link)

It’s the Lunar New Year. And we were wondering what hotels in Hong Kong would be the best in your opinion.

So here is our list of top 10 hotels in Hong Kong for the 2018 Lunar New Year:

1. The Peninsula Hong Kong – HK$16,500, at 2. Shangri-La Hotel – HK$17,850, at 3. The Peninsula Hong Kong – HK$19,000, at 4. Mandarin Oriental Hotel – HK$19,500, at www.mandarinorientalhotelgrouphk5676600_1 5.-The Peninsula Hong Kong – HK$22,000, at www.thepeninsulahongkong_1 6.-The Peninsula Hong Kong – HK$25,000 7.-Chelsea Hotel -HK$30 710-3 Shanghai Road 8.-The Peninsula Hong Kong – HK$30 710-3 Shanghai Road 9.-The Peninsula Hong Kong – HK$30 710-3 Shanghai Road 10.-The Peninsula Beijing -HK$35 9A-8 Avenue of Arts

3. The Best Hotel for You: My Recommendations

Hong Kong is a beautiful city, and I would like to make it as beautiful for you as possible. The best way to do this is by giving you my recommendations for the hotels in Hong Kong that I think will give you the best experience during this Lunar New Year.

I’ve chosen Hotels in Hong Kong based on their overall quality, price, location, and service. Hotels that I found to be particularly great because they offer a warm welcome, a spacious living room or bedroom, convenient location, and good value for money; or because they are simply special.

If there’s one thing that makes me tick when it comes to hotels in Hong Kong it’s quality – what more could a traveler ask for than luxury? Nowadays everything needs to have instant gratification – no sooner do we order pizza than we want something faster.

I know this isn’t exactly news but look at all the restaurants everywhere! There are so many places to eat out…so much choice! And what about the shopping? Fancy watches and fancy clothes? So many things to buy! But the thing is – it can feel like too much choice if you don’t know where you stand when buying anything.

Consider yourself lucky if you have stumbled upon an unplanned sushi lunch or an unexpected bottle of wine at your local supermarket! A few years ago I went into a department store in Hong Kong and was shocked at how expensive everything was – $40 for a bottle of wine; $80 for some designer jeans; $190 for a pair of shoes! That kind of stuff really gets people thinking!

So let me give you my list of recommendations – here goes…

Hotel Name City Star Rating Hotel Address 1 Ma On Shan Sai Kung North Kowloon Hong Kong Hotel 99997 (Hongkong) 3 Stars 2 Mong Kok Kwai Chung North Kowloon Hong Kong Hotel 99998 (Hongkong) 3 Stars 3 Kennedy Town Fisherman's Wharf Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong Hotel 99998 (Hongkong) 3 Stars 4 Central Plaza Tsim Sha Tsui Central HKDhgate 99998 (Hongkong) 4 Stars 5 Sheraton HK Tsim Sha Tsui HKDhgate 99998 (HKDhgate) 4 Stars 6 Shangri-La HK Tsim Sha Tsui HKDhgate 99999 (HKDhgate) 4 Stars 7 Four Seasons HK Tsim Sha Tsui HK

4. How to Get the Best Deal on Your Hotel Booking

Top 10 Best Hotels in Hong Kong

Source: Wix

If you’re planning a vacation to Hong Kong this Lunar New Year, you might have heard about the famous “Three-Star Hotels.” These are the top-ranked hotels on the Hong Kong hotel ranking website,

The three-star rating system is a ranking system that identifies hotels according to their “hotel quality” and “accommodation quality.” The “hotel quality” is based on its room size, facilities, reception staff and service and the hotel has been associated with higher ratings.

The “accommodation quality” is based on how comfortable the room looks, location and service as well as how many floors there are in the hotel.

The lunar new year is a traditional Chinese holiday that takes place on the fifteenth day of the first month of the Chinese calendar. The holiday is marked by many festivities, including public celebrations and large-scale fireworks displays. For many Chinese, this is the first time they are observing this traditional Chinese holiday.

For travelers, it’s an opportunity to experience a new culture and discover what it’s like to live in a richly multicultural society. Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has compiled a list of top 10 Best Hotels in Hong Kong for this Lunar New Year. The list covers both hotels within Hong Kong Island and those located in the neighboring Kowloon Peninsula.

The Best Hotels in Hong Kong for this Lunar New Year are listed below, with five stars denoting major luxury hotels, three stars denoting moderate luxury hotels, and two stars denoting mid-end hotel chains.

The Best Hotels in Hong Kong for Lunar New Year 2017

Elegant 7/Diamond 5 Star Hotel (HK), 3 star 5 stars from HKTB

Xinyi International Hotel & Spa, 7/Diamond 4 stars from HKTB

Citadel Park Hotel, 3 star 4 star from HKTB

Xiong Yi International School Holiday Hotel & Convention Center, 3 star 3 star from HKTB

The Best Hotels in Kowloon Peninsula for Lunar New Year 2017

Cityscape Residence at Cityscape Hotel (HK), 4 star 4 stars from HKTB

Hongkong Inn at Cityscape Hotel (HK), 3 star 3 star from HKTB

Hotel Central City at Cityscape Hotel (HK), 2 star 2 star from HKTB

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