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How to travel in Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is the time of year when the three-week calendar changes. Lunar New Year is also a time when families gather together, usually on the January or February, to celebrate family traditions, such as exchanging gifts, spending quality time together and honoring ancestors. So how can we plan our trip for Lunar New Year to gain best luck and happiness for the whole year?

1. Plan Your Trip

During this period, you can take a trip to see many beautiful sights such as Wulai Temple in Gui'an city and Taiping Mountain in Wenchang city.

As an American visitor to China, I can safely say that you should definitely visit Taiwan during this period. It would be difficult to travel during this period without visiting Taiwan which has many beautiful temples and scenic spots there like Wulai temple or Taiping mountain. You may not have ever heard about these places before but it's really worth visiting!

The reason why I can say this is because I've seen beautiful temples in my previous trips to China so I decided to go back again during Lunar New Year. The trip was very enjoyable and memorable because we could enjoy more food too!

2. Buy Plane Tickets

This is a travel article, however, here are some travel tips for the Lunar New Year. If you are looking to travel this Lunar New Year, there are some things that you should consider.

1) The window for taking a trip to the lunar new year is from February 10th through February 20th. From January 9th to January 12th Lunar New Year, you can book flight tickets in advance by calling your airline directly or if you need help booking your tickets on-line, you can call your airline's customer service at their website.

2) When booking your flight ticket online through your airline, make sure to check if they offer free transfers between different cities within a short period of time. If not, then look at the cost of taxi or limousine incase the flight schedule and hotel rooms do not allow these.

3) You will also have to pay for airport tax and airport fees if you take a shuttle bus when traveling between two airports (Canton/Chengdu).

4) Also make sure that while taking your flights that they let you use all of their free transfer lounges especially during Lunar New Year. These lounges are located at airports where flights depart from one city (e.g., Beijing Capital International Airport).

5) You should also make sure that whenever possible that you book the best deals available and don't get caught in scams like those who pretend to be helpful agents but simply ask for money.. This can be resolved by checking with other people in your area and making sure that they all have positive experiences with these agents or companies who appear helpful and help people book flights for them as promised but end up asking for money too.. In case this happens to you please contact us immediately so we could assist you..

3. Book a Hotel

Lunar New Year is a great time to be a tourist in China as the holiday is usually celebrated by millions. While there are plenty of things to see on a Lunar New Year’s Day trip such as the extravagant fireworks and other displays, they are not without their drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is that you will have limited options for accommodation.

While there are many excellent hotels in China, most of them are hard to find. As a result, you may have to travel long distances just to find a decent hotel or resort. That’s why I compiled this list of wonderful hotels that boast some of the best facilities around.

Below is my list of top five hotels in China for Lunar New Year 2017:

1. Grand Hotel Beijing West – Beijing West (Beijing)

Location: No. 15 Shunyi Road, Zhangzizhong District; City: Beijing; Contact no.: 86-10-6522-3611

2. The Mandarin Oriental Beijing – Beijing (Beijing)

Location: No. 10 People's Square East Road, Chaoyang District; City: Beijing; Contact no.: 86-10-621-1100

3. The Mandarin Oriental Chongqing – Chongqing (Chongqing)

Location: The Grand Hotel Chongqing Tower, 1 Dongfeng Lu Xicheng North Road; City: Chongqing; Contact no.: 86-85760593802

4. Grand Hyatt Shanghai – Shanghai (Shanghai)

Location: No. 5 Jianguomenwai Road #3, Nanjing Science & Technology Museum Building; City: Shanghai; Contact no.: 86-21-68088803882 ___________ 5 ___________ ______________________________________ 1 Grand Hotel Bejing West -Beijing West(北京华西酒店) 1 國際華盛頓餐飲文化中心國際大廈,地址在北京市南屯區紐澤西街15巷,時間與客戶說明左上方的如下方司機: 星期天9時

4. Pack Your Bags

There are many ways to travel in Lunar New Year, besides traveling to the land of the moon. You can fasten your bags and travel by train, bus or airplane. However, flying might just be the best way to experience Lunar New Year in Singapore.

You can also walk your way through Singapore's bustling streets as people are busy shopping, visiting relatives and friends, dining out or taking a nap.

So how do you pack your bags for an extended trip? If you're going to travel outside of Singapore, it's a good idea to prepare some items in advance so that you don't have to take a taxi back home late at night.

To prepare for an extended trip:

1) Check whether your flight is leaving from Terminal 1 or 2.

2) Your airline may have a list of required items for each specific flight.

3) Get yourself a packing list from your airline's website before you go out shopping or do any other activities during Lunar New Year.

4) Bring along useful items such as: handkerchiefs (to wipe tears), tissues (to wipe nose), cotton buds (to remove makeup), tissues (to wipe nose), etc. You can ask them for help at the counter when you arrive at their check-in area if you don't have enough items on your list but still want them to carry out their job!

5) Packing cubes are also very useful in preparing for travel since they will allow you store all your belongings neatly inside one place even if they get scattered around during transportation! It's very handy especially when it comes to fitting a lot of stuff into one bag during long trips like travelling by plane or travelling by train!

5. Communicate with Friends and Family

In the Lunar New Year, many people travel to see friends or family. However, there are some things you should keep in mind while traveling. First, you should be prepared to face the weather, which is unpredictable and can change frequently. Also, you should know the dates of your travel so that you can know the timing when it is best for your trip.

6. Organize your Travel Documents

Last year I put together a checklist of documents that you’re going to need throughout the Lunar New Year holiday period, and I believe that it is extremely important for anyone who travels to the United States, Europe or anywhere else for the Holidays to pay attention to these documents.

I hope that this information serves as a useful reference for anyone planning a trip during the holidays.

If you have any questions about anything I have said in this article, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Enjoy and Happy Holidays everyone!

7. Get to the Airport on Time

It’s Lunar New Year. The joyous celebration of our Chinese ancestors. The great return to a lunar calendar that is based on the cycles of the heavens. And it’s just a few days late.

So, how can you beat the bus? By getting to the airport on time. There are two ways:

1) Catch the first flight out and buy your ticket online in advance.

2) Rely on public transportation to get to the airport.

It’s never too late for a good travel idea, especially if you’re going to be traveling in Lunar New Year as well. Get yourself prepared by planning ahead and purchasing your tickets in advance, but it’s also advisable to get out and experience what Lunar New Year is really about — that beautiful blue sky and bright sun — at least once during this special time of year so you can fully appreciate the beauty of it all without any sort of pressure!

8. Check-In and Board the Flight

This year, Lunar New Year will be on February 12th and we are excited to announce that we have flights departing from Phoenix to Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Dallas this coming weekend.

We have also launched a new flight schedule that provides the most direct route between Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Phoenix - Las Vegas - Dallas

Phoenix - Los Angeles - Dallas

Las Vegas - Dallas - Phoenix

Dallas - Phoenix - Los Angeles

Las Vegas – Dallas – Phoenix

Dallas – Los Angeles – Phoenix

Los Angeles – Dallas – Chicago = 5 Hours (1x)

Chicago – Los Angeles = 2 Hours (1x)

9. Enjoy your Trip

Let’s face it, the Lunar New Year (Lunar New Year) is a time to be joyful. The holidays leading up to the LNM can be a time for families to enjoy each other, as well as an opportunity for your company to become “good friends” with its employees.

The holidays are also a time where technology disrupts traditional travel experiences and business travel itself becomes more enjoyable.

On top of that, the Lunar New Year is a very special holiday which involves the “Shanghai New Year” holiday which is celebrated on January 1st in the Chinese calendar. As an added bonus, the LNM is also celebrated in Thailand on February 17th which is close enough to February 19th in America for us non-Chinese folk.

As an attendee of this year’s LNM, this year I am looking forward to my trip. My company recently purchased a new vehicle and I will be traveling with my partner (my good friend).

The only thing missing from our trip are my mom and dad who are both visiting friends in Taiwan at the same time as well as my dog who will be travelling with us for 5 nights or so (he may arrive one day late). So, I don’t think I will have any problems at all when it comes to how to travel in Lunar New Year.

I hope you all can help me plan our trip by sharing your favorite tips and tricks!

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