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How to stay safe while exploring Viet nam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many spectacular and eye-catching natural landscapes. The people here are also very friendly and hospitable. However, in any country, besides good things, there are risks that you yourself need to be careful and alert to avoid encountering bad things for your travel. Saving the tips below to have a great journey!

1. Notes before traveling

Prepare health

Health is extremely important in life, especially in travel. In addition to supplementing with nutrients and vitamins to increase resistance, you should also regularly practice sports to improve endurance, especially for trekking trips.

Choose a safe and secure tourist destination

The S-shaped strip of land is famous for its charming landscapes, landscapes, and mountains. To have a safe and secure trip, you should choose famous destinations that are well-reviewed by tourists as well as your acquaintances who have been there.

Some cities in Vietnam are famous for being safe, and are chosen by a large number of tourists as destinations in their Vietnam trip such as:

  • Ha Long Bay

  • Da Nang - a city worth living

  • Hoi An - heritage city

  • Da Lat - the city of thousands of flowers

  • Nha Trang - a dreamlike coastal city

  • Phu Quoc - island tourism paradise

How to stay safe while exploring Viet nam
Source: Internet

Fully arrange your luggage

  • Prepare necessary personal items

  • Bring the necessary items in the new normal period such as masks, antiseptic alcohol,

  • Check baggage before leaving the house

Download safe Vietnam travel app

A safe Vietnam travel app that will help you connect with the authorities

Avoid attracting attention in crowded places

  • Wearing simple clothes to avoid attracting attention

  • Limit wearing jewelry of great value

  • Keeping your bags and backpacks in front of your stomach in crowded places

Buy travel insurance

And the last thing on the list, you should buy a travel insurance to ensure your rights in case your trip has any problems. You will always be fully supported.

2. Safety tips

Be vigilant when going to strange places

Every time you go to a new and strange place, you always have to raise your guard against everyone around you. To safely travel to Vietnam, not only improve your health, you also need to be careful to avoid becoming a victim of social evils and bad things.

Limit keeping cash

To avoid the risk of property and money, you should divide your cash and store it in many different places. Nowadays, online payment has also become much more convenient, you should use bank cards, e-wallets, ... instead of keeping too much cash in person and easily endangering yourself.

Book a reputable accommodation

Besides eating, having fun, accommodation is also a thing to keep in mind when traveling to Vietnam. In addition to having a comfortable resort space, this place also meets the safety criteria of the epidemic season as well as a prestigious place for you. You should make reservations at reputable websites such as: Traveloka, Agoda,...

How to stay safe while exploring Viet nam
Source: Internet

Comply with safety regulations when using public vehicles and facilities

When traveling by means of transport such as airplanes, trains or going to public places, you need to absolutely comply with epidemic prevention regulations to protect your health such as always wearing a mask, washing hands thoroughly, disinfecting clothes, etc. use, stand at least 2m apart.

Strictly follow the epidemic prevention regulations anywhere

To have a safe trip to Vietnam, you need to remember and strictly abide by the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health: "Facemask - Disinfection - Distance - No Gathering - Health declaration".

3. Ensure safety after the trip ends

After finishing a happy trip, to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, you should strictly follow 5K rules, state regulations, as well as epidemic prevention regulations where you live.

Wish you have a safe but equally attractive and interesting trip to Vietnam with the tips that Egg Ventures has shared. And don't forget to visit Save Extra when you need to book or choose a tour. Wish you have happy and happy holidays.

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