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Exploring Bai Dinh - Trang An: Where to go, what to see

Have you ever visited the land of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, sat on a boat to enjoy the scenery of Trang An tourist area and spiritual tourism at Bai Dinh pagoda? If you never go there, let's explore Bai Dinh - Trang An tourist destination with Egg Ventures in this article!

The attractions of Bai Dinh - Trang An

Bai Dinh - Trang An is rated as one of the top tourist attractions in Vietnam. Traveling to the North, you definitely cannot ignore this unique destination. It has the largest temple in Southeast Asia, which is one of the pride of Vietnamese people. These are two major and famous tourist attractions of Ninh Binh, with Trang An eco-tourism area located in the Trang An World Heritage Complex, recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 2014. classified by the government as a national monument of special importance.

This land is quite favored by nature with full of unique landscapes of mountains, rivers and clouds. The clear blue water, majestic mountains with mysterious caves create a unique picture of nature. In addition, Trang An is also famous for its lime and hydraulic ecosystems. The diverse natural environment gives Trang An a majestic but equally charming beauty. Having the opportunity to visit Trang An, you will admire the magical and mysterious beauty of this place.

Bai Dinh Pagoda - famous spiritual tourist destination

The name Bai Dinh is given with the meaning of worshiping heaven and earth, the Buddha is above. The pagoda was built on the mountainside, between the vast valley of lake and rocky mountains, at the western gateway to Hoa Lu ancient capital. The new pagoda was built more superficially, and is located next to the ancient pagoda. Tam The Palace of the new Bai Dinh pagoda is about 800 meters north of the ancient pagoda area.

Bai Dinh is a famous temple in Vietnam with many records in the country and in Asia. This is the temple that owns the largest gold-plated Buddha and the largest bronze Maitreya Buddha in Asia. Arhat corridor at the longest temple in Asia. In addition, the pagoda is also highly appreciated for the design as well as the architecture built inside. At Bai Dinh Pagoda, a ceremony to welcome relics and a United Nations Day of Vesak is also held. In addition, here are also keeping many jade relics, and precious treasures of Buddha.

In addition, visiting Bai Dinh Pagoda, you also have the opportunity to explore the temple of Saint Nguyen, God Cao Son, Well Ngoc and Bright Cave - Dark Cave. As well as admire the majestic scenery of Ninh Binh's countryside and check-in extremely beautiful virtual living corners.

Exploring Bai Dinh - Trang An: Where to go, what to see
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When should you travel to Bai Dinh - Trang An?

To have a complete trip to Bai Dinh - Trang An, the weather is also a factor that you need to pay attention to. The right time for you to fully explore Bai Dinh - Trang An is from January to March of the lunar calendar. At this time, the weather in the North is quite nice, so it is suitable for you to take a boat trip on the river or climb to Bai Dinh pagoda to visit and worship at the temple. It will surely bring you memorable memories.

Top cuisines in Bai Dinh - Trang An

Not only famous for its majestic scenery, the land of Ninh Binh also offers foreign guests delicious and attractive dishes that you should not miss.

Some typical dishes include:

The first is Hoa Lu mountain goat, Ninh Binh land is famous for delicious goat meat that is processed into many dishes such as steamed goat, grilled goat, goat spring rolls,... The goat meat here is quite delicious, sweet and tender. , special taste so you try it once, you will remember it forever.

Next is the fish salad, this dish is served in most restaurants and eateries in Ninh Binh, so it is not difficult to find. The fish salad is quite fresh, carefully seasoned, so there is no fishy smell, and it has a special flavor. The taste of fish is mixed with the taste of the flesh of roasted glutinous rice and the sour taste of vinegar, the spicy taste of ginger, pepper, chili, and lemongrass in the dipping sauce.

Exploring Bai Dinh - Trang An: Where to go, what to see
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Burnt rice is also a specialty of Ninh Binh that you must try. The burnt rice is special about the rice part due to the way it is fried until the accompanying sauce is processed sweetly and with rich flavor. The combination is both crispy and fatty but not boring at all. This dish you can buy as a gift for your loved ones after traveling to Ninh Binh.

Finally, Ninh Binh mountain snail dish, this dish is less popular and not everyone has ever tasted. Mountain snails are only available in the rainy season, in areas with many limestone mountains such as Tam Diep, Yen Mo and Nho Quan towns. This type of snail is distinguished by its crispy, chewy texture. It is usually steamed with ginger, sautéed with lemongrass and chili, and even more delicious when mixed with spices. There are also many other attractive dishes such as: rice cake with perch, sticky rice with ant eggs, Binh Dung bird, eel vermicelli, Yen Mac spring rolls, etc. These dishes are also highly appreciated by many tourists, if given the opportunity. Come to Bai Dinh - Trang An, enjoy these delicious dishes.

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